Maine Kayak’s friendly office staff are available to answer any questions you have about Maine Kayak’s sea kayaking trips, lake kayaking tours, whitewater kayaking instruction, Maine kayak vacation packages, our midcoast Maine and northern Maine locations and any other questions you may have.  Below are Maine Kayak’s most frequently asked questions.

Where can we stay? Maine Kayak offers camping, cabins, and bed and breakfast lodging packages for all trips.  We also can provide a list of other camping and lodging options available at our various kayaking destinations in Maine.

Kayaking Trips Muscongus Bay Midcoast MaineWhere are the courses and trips located? All of our whitewater courses are offered on the Penobscot River just south of Baxter State Park and Mt. Katahdin in Maine. Lake touring trips are offered on Pemaquid River or Biscay Pond on the Pemaquid Point in midcoast Maine. Sea kayaking tours are primarily offered in Muscongus Bay and Pemaquid Harbor/Johns Bay with Island Camping Overnight Trips on the Maine Island Trail and our Inn-to-Inn trips paddling to Ocean Point and Boothbay.  Our sea and lake touring location is in New Harbor, Maine; our whitewater kayaking base is just outside of Millinocket, Maine.  See our Directions page for more information.

Do I need any experience? No, all of our kayaking courses and trips are designed to give anyone an opportunity to enjoy kayaking in Maine.

Is lunch/meals included? Yes, lunch is provided on full-day trips.  All meals are provided on all multi-day kayak trips (Camping Island Overnight and Inn-to-Inn trips).  Full-day sea kayaking trips and Maine Island Camping Overnight trips also include a real Maine lobster bake.

Maine Sea Kayaking TripsWhat should I bring?
You should bring a bathing suit and shorts, sunscreen, sunglasses, watershoes or sandals, water-proof camera, towel and change of clothes (for after your kayaking adventure), and a fun attitude.  For island camping overnight trips, please also bring sleepwear, toiletries, and any personal medications you may need.  Should you need any personal paddling gear (such as splash top or booties) or camping gear (such as a sleeping bag), Maine Kayak is happy to provide these at no charge.

How far is it? Travel times vary by kayak rental/trip location. Please check out our Directions page for exact travel times.  Our sea kayaking/lake touring bases are approximately from 3 hours from Boston and 1 hour 15 minutes from Portland, Maine.  Our whitewater base is approximately 5 hours from Boston and 3 hours from Portland, Maine.

Is there an age limit? All lake and sea kayaking trips have an age limit of 8 years with an adult.  The age limit is 16 yrs old for the Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced whitewater courses and private instruction.