Penobscot River Maine Whitewater KayakingMaine Kayak’s Beginner One and Two Whitewater Courses introduce basic flatwater skills and progress to class II-III whitewater paddling techniques throughout the course curriculum.   Maine Kayak’s whitewater courses are offered as a complimentary and successive instructional forum to take students from novice boaters to advanced beginner Class III paddlers on Maine’s most exciting whitewater rivers.


Maine Kayak whitewater courses are all inclusive – we provide licensed Maine whitewater guides, American Canoe Association instructors, and all whitewater kayaks and gear. Learn the art of whitewater kayaking in Maine with Maine Kayak.  Book a course in May, June, September or October (We can’t offer whitewater course in July or August).



Beginner Whitewater KayakingMaine Kayak’s Beginner One Course introduces students to the art of kayaking.   Fundamental boating skills such as boat balance, proper paddling technique, safety, and basic paddling strokes are addressed.   Over the three-day course, students progress from flatwater paddling to Class II river running.

– Day One will begin with lessons on outfitting a kayak to the student’s individual needs and the proper way of entering and exiting a kayak.   After some dry land exercises, we will enter the water and learn how to wet exit from our kayak and other rescue techniques.   Students will also have the opportunity to get a feel for the boat, learn how to paddle the kayak in a straight line, proper paddle placement, and safe boating form. Basic paddling strokes, safety, and boating techniques will be taught on Maine’s beautiful and scenic rivers and lakes.

Whitewater Kayaking Maine– Day Two will introduce students to whitewater reading and whitewater terms. We will focus on skills such as boat spins, strokes, leans, and boat balance. Moving water will be introduced as students are taught lessons on U-turns, eddy turns, and draws.   Whitewater will be our main focus in the afternoon and we will get a chance to navigate down some fun class I-II whitewater.   This will give participants a chance to work one on one with their instructor while developing and refining their new whitewater kayaking skills.

– Day Three will focus on advanced moving water strokes such as reverse, duffecs, and draws.   An exciting paddle of class I-II whitewater finishes out the afternoon of the third day.

Meeting Time:  9:00 am each day
Trip Length: 3 days
Price: $405 Per Person
Schedule:  May, June, September, October (We can’t offer whitewater course in July or August)
Scheduled Dates: June 22-24, 2019
Requirements: Minimum of 4 or more people to start a trip or you can join an existing scheduled group.
Minimum Age: 16 years old
Skill Level: No experience necessary

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Maine Kayak’s Beginner Two Course builds on the skill foundation provided by our Beginner One course. Students will have the opportunity to refresh and refine their paddling knowledge and technique.   More advanced paddling skills will be taught such as the Eskimo roll.   This course will address each student’s unique abilities and objectives and progress the individual to Class III whitewater. Beginner Two participants are required to have either completed the Beginner One course or have demonstrated Beginner-level abilities and whitewater experience.

Maine Whitewater Kayaking Lessons– Day One of the Beginner Two Course will be spent focusing on basic skill foundation – working on refining flat water and easy moving water techniques and proper paddling form.   The day will quickly progress to basic whitewater skills practice such as j-leans, entering and exiting eddies, and river running.

– Day Two will help students focus on the whitewater paddling skills that require further attention and practice.   Each student will be provided individual feedback and personalized attention to help identify skill development opportunities.   Advanced paddling strokes will be taught that will assist students with boat control, balance, and easier, more graceful river running.   We will also teach the offside roll and hand rolling.

Meeting Time:  9:00 am each day
Trip Length: 2 days
Price: $270 Per Person
Schedule: May, June, September, October (We can’t offer whitewater course in July or August)
Requirements: Minimum of 4 or more people to start a trip or you can join an existing scheduled group.
Minimum Age: 16 years old
Skill Level: Experience required or completion of Beginner I course

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